The new generation of bobtemplates.plone / plonecli

bobtemplates.plone is ready for Python 3!

The Plone package generator templates for mrbob and plonecli, are now available in the 4th generation. During the after conference Sprint at the Plone-Tagung in Munich, the work was started and continuing a full week after the sprint. Our main goal was it to make bobtemplates.plone and the plonecli ready to support the development on Python 3 and Python 2.7. At the end we also fixed some existing issues in several templates and tests.

Python 3 and Python 2.7 support

It is now possible to create packages which support Plone from 4.3 until 5.2. Under Plone 5.2, the packages can also run under Python 3. New generated packages contain now a Tox Tox setup, which allows the developer to easily test the package in multiple Plone and Python versions.

$ tox -p auto
______________________ summary ________________________
ERROR:   py27-lint: parallel child exit code 1
  37-lint: commands succeeded
ERROR:   py27-Plone43: parallel child exit code 1
  py27-Plone51: commands succeeded
  py27-Plone52: commands succeeded
  py37-Plone52: commands succeeded
  build_instance: commands succeeded

Available Templates

Available mr.bob templates:
- addon
- behavior
- content_type
- portlet
- restapi_service
- theme
- theme_barceloneta
- view
- viewlet
- vocabulary
- buildout
- theme_package [deprecated] >> Please use the theme_barceloneta sub-template!

Write your own custom templates for plonecli

You can create your own custom package, analog to bobtemplates.plone and register your templates for plonecli. This could be used for example for your agency or client specific code structures. If you need help by creating such custom bobtemplates and plonecli integration's, give us a sign on Gitter: or contact me here:

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