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  1. The new generation of bobtemplates.plone / plonecli

    the Plone package generator and command line client, bobtemplates.plone/plonecli

  2. Useful stylesheets for layouts done with Plone's Mosaic Editor

    Some useful stylesheets (CSS) for the Plone Grid Editor Mosaic.

  3. Writing a custom service for Plone REST API

    The Plone REST API allows you to reduce client resquests, by expanding a response to include additional information in one single response. This post shows how you can write a service and expand it.

  4. Writing a custom serializer for Plone REST API

    The Plone REST API already provides a lot of useful information and functions by default, but sometimes you want a bit more customization on the backend, for easier usage on the client side.